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(Синергия МОИ МТИ МОСАП) Modern Communications in Management (тест с ответами)

Тема : (Синергия МОИ МТИ МОСАП) Modern Communications in Management (тест с ответами)

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Учебное заведение: Синергия МОИ МТИ МОСАП
Тип работы: Ответы, Ответы на тесты Синергии
Категория: Менеджмент
Год сдачи: 2023
Количество страниц: 1
Оценка: 5
Дата публикации: 07.09.2023
Количество просмотров: 95
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Год сдачи - 2023

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Informal public meetings where info can be relayed, issues can be discussed, or employees can be brought together to celebrate accomplishments are
О grapevine
О symposium
О Town Hall meeting
О roundtable
Stigma of working from home lifted, it can be intrusive because home life and work are merged implies
О chain comm network
О choosing the right media
O working from anywhere
O decoding
What are sender, reciever, message, media, noise?
О performance reports
О classification Ofcommunication methods
О communication process elements
O noise
Different working hours, Iangauge barriers, different cultural norms are
О classification Of communication methods
О factors affecting complexity of communication
O main goal of controlling comms
O performance reports
encoding, formulating a message, selecting a communication channel, decoding, and feedback are
О communicating w candor
О how to be an active listener
O Components of communication
O communication channel
A process by which meanings are exchanged between persons through a common system of symbols and/or sounds
О collaboration
О language
О communication
О feedback
gives a flow of information among members
О working from anywhere
О ethical communication
O chain communication network
O channel
the 5 Ps are about
О when to use electronic channels of communication
O how are managers sense-givers
O how to give more effective presentations
O when to use rich channels of communication
How can the words "Interactive, Push, Pull" be referred to collectively
О communication process elements
О classification Of communication methods
O main goal of controlling communication
O communication
involves establishing credibility, building goals on common ground, making your position compelling to others, and connecting to others on an emotional as well as rational level
О "we will prevail! we are Virginia tech."
O rich channel of communication
O the correct use of language
O the art of persuasion
How can the words "Problem solving, teamwork, listening" be referred to collectively
О communication
О greatest threat to projects
O noise
O most important non-technical skills
enables a manager to determine whether the employee correctly interpreted the message
О the 5 Ps
О manager communication
О feedback
О Componentsofcommunication
Converting a message into symbols like gestures or written, spoken is
О communication
О encoding
О feedback
О noise
The feature of this method that allows the message to be easily browsed or scanned for relevant information is called
О encoding ease
О confidentiality
О scanability
О formality
The situation when one person tells everyone is called
О encoding ease
О feedback
О wheel communication network
O ethical communication
Status, Progress, Forecasts are.
О enterprise process
О performance reports
О financial and accounting information
O suggestions for improvement
anything that interferes with the reciever understanding the message is called.
О feedback
О noise
О channel
О encoding
Workplaces that have few physical barriers and enclosures are.
О informal communication
О open workplaces
О cost
О social media
is as important as the message itself.
О when to use rich channels of communication
O when to use electronic channels of communication
O the 5 ps
O the selection of communication channel is....
Communication going downward from managers to employees is
О diagonal communication
О downward communication
О verbal intonation
O lateral communication
is the process by which information is exchanged and understood by two or more people
О manager communication
О routine communication
О communicating w candor
O goal of manager communication
philosophically grounded in the belief that good communication is essential to building trust, gaining commitment, and inspiring and uniting people to work together to accomplish a common purpose
О communicating with candor
О non routine communication
O communication champion
O communication channel
The variety of patterns of vertical and horizontal flows of organizational communication is
О workplace socialization
О interpersonal communication
О communication networks
O organizational communication
The feature of how well this method conveys interpersonal warmth is called
О interpersonal warmth
О interpersonal communication
О formality
О complexity capacity
Jargon is
О specialized terminology or language that members of a group use among themselves
O disregarding rational thinking and instead making emotional decisions
O deliberate manipulation of information to make it appear more favorable to the receiver
O cognitive barrier

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