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Тема дипломной работы: Implementation of students’ speech interaction in the process of foreign communication teaching

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Учебное заведение: Другие города > ДРУГОЕ
Тип работы: Дипломные работы
Категория: Английский язык
Год сдачи: 2014
Количество страниц: 76
Оценка: 96
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работа уникальна, цена низкая только по одной причине: срочности продажи.

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Topicality. It is essential nowadays for students at school to be able to talk to interlocutors in a foreign language, to express their thoughts eloquently and give opinion about facts or events and to be skilled at explication of their attitude toward something; in addition, they must be capable to speculate on issues they have read, furthermore, they should be skilled at giving and describing current situations and events. Extensive vocabulary and appropriate grammatical structures should be utilized  by students while speaking as it indicates the level of a foreign language. Notwithstanding, these requirements, monologues, filling gaps in dialogues, drafting a dialogue according to a given sample, etc. are widely employed by teachers frequently instead of students interaction at classes,.
 Thus, one of the most beneficial and productive methods tends to be interactive learning, which contributes to speaking skills activization, to the exchange of knowledge and experience, it also facilitates creativity. However, not all the types of classroom interaction are identically efficient. Therefore, interaction must be meaningful so that the topic would concern students' interests and topical issues. As far as Allwright is concerned, classroom interaction assists not only with the language development, but it also contributes to learners' development. Various samples of classroom interaction tend to stimulate students' communication, namely: choral responses collaboration, group or pair work, full-class interaction, individual work, teacher commences and student responds. The most interactive way among these samples appears to be pair or group work. This type of interaction accentuates not only personal and sociocultural experience, but it is peculiar with the choice, freedom and equality as well. Sullivan accentuates that the notion of pair or group work includes the idea of option, owing to the fact that students may choose their partners or groups; freedom implies an opportunity to talk freely and students are not controlled by a teacher; equality indicates that all students in groups are equal.

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