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(Росдистант) Профессиональный английский язык 2 (ответы на тест)

Тема : (Росдистант) Профессиональный английский язык 2 (ответы на тест)

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Учебное заведение: Росдистант
Тип работы: Ответы, Ответы на тесты Росдистант
Категория: Английский язык
Год сдачи: 2023
Количество страниц: 1
Оценка: 5
Дата публикации: 30.11.2023
Количество просмотров: 17
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(Росдистант) Профессиональный английский язык 2 (ответы на тест)

Language in Use 1 - 30 вопросов

Language in Use 2 - 30 вопросов

Language in Use 3 - 30 вопросов

Listening 1 - 5 вопросов

Listening 2 - 5 вопросов

Listening 3 - 5 вопросов

Reading 1 - 5 вопросов

Reading 2 - 5 вопросов

Reading 3 - 5 вопросов

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Language in Use 1
A high level of production has been maintained.
At first, they will be serving some starters.
BOP is calculated every quarter.
By 7 p.m. the caterer will have prepared the meal.
Earnings were put into the current account.
Everybody was able to escape from the fire.
He gave a week’s notice to withdraw from account.
He has been earning money in interest.
I had filled up before I set off.
Just fill in a few forms.
Large profits had been made before the market closed.
Mr. X has paid bank charges.
Mr. X is opening a bank account.
Mr. X opens bank accounts.
Next week Mr. X will have been working in food industry for 3 years.
Planning ahead helps reduce costs.
The BOP is divided into three main categories.
The caterers will lay the table.
The debt has been paid off.
The main topic is supposed to be discussed tomorrow.
The products were being sold in large quantities.
The transaction is counted as a debit.
There are a few formalities.
There were a few papers to sign.
These countries can’t be having good close relations.
They have not borrowed money from the bank.
To find a solution we need to settle the differences.
We must decide on an agenda for the meeting.
While he was overtaking me, I saw an oncoming car.
You must have solved the problem.
Language in Use 2
How to read e.g.?
How to read i.e.?
What is a.m.? Translate.
What is A.S.A.P.?
What is AA?
What is BA – Bachelor of Arts?
What is BBC?
What is BC? Translate.
What is Blvd.?
What is c/o? Translate.
What is CEO?
What is CIA? Choose the right translation.
What is CNN?
What is e.g.? Translate.
What is etc.? Translate.
What is FBI? Choose the right translation.
What is fig.?
What is i.e.? Translate.
What is inch? Choose the right translation.
What is KGB?
What is NASA?
What is NATO?
What is NB?
What is nem.con.?
What is PA?
What is pound? Choose the right translation.
What is Rd.? Choose the right translation.
What is UN?
What is VP?
What is vs.? Translate.
Language in Use 3
___ to our expectations …
In the light of recent events in x, there is now some / much / ___ about …
In this study I ___ a model of ...
It was hypothesized that the outcome is positively ___ to ...
Most ___ have only focused / tended to focus on …
Our most important ___ is ...
Previous research has ___ that ...
The ___ from the research illustrate how ...
The acronym PC ___ “Personal Computer”.
The effect was ___ over time when …
The findings ___ a re-thinking of the familiar method.
The findings ___ support for the key arguments.
The findings ___ the antecedents and consequences.
The findings address a controversial ___ among practitioners that ...
The findings support the ___ that …
The impact is more complex than previously ___.
The results, implications for managers, and future research ___.
The term X is / was / has been used by Molotov [2011] to ___ …
Theoretical ___ and managerial implications of the findings are discussed.
There is little / no general ___ on …
This dissertation assesses the impact ___ smth. ___ smth.
This study ___ by two research questions.
This study ___ prior work on ...
This study advances our ___ of...
This study aims ___…
To illustrate these ideas, Company X was used as a ___ to show how ...
Using comparative case ___, this research explored the role of …
We ___ a laboratory experiment and a field study to test our hypotheses.
We ___ that ...
X is still poorly / not widely ___.
Listening 1
According to the audio, data should be collected, organized and ___.
According to the audio, what does research not include?
According to the audio, what factors should be identified and removed from research?
According to the audio, what is the first phase of research?
According to the audio, what kind of research is based on facts and answers the questions What? When? Where? Why? How?
Listening 2
According to the audio: … what are they not telling. And maybe there is something there you can find out. Sometimes it leads to ___ and there is no more in way you could get more information. That’s OK. You still learn something about it…
According to the audio: …a primary source is something that was written at the time that ___ or by somebody with direct knowledge…
According to the audio: …so in that way, secondary sources can actually be a really good place to start. Primary sources are usually what form the ___, however…
According to the audio: …starting with what you ___ will kind of help get you thinking before you start reading things…
According to the audio: …that’s still a very broad topic and you are going to need to ___ because otherwise you can end up with a 15-page paper just explaining the events that happened…
Listening 3
According to the audio, there are only 2 kinds of sources: primary and secondary.
According to the audio, what research did the author do himself about letters written during the World War I? (He gives this example to prove that a research must be something new / a new way of approaching the research.)
According to the audio, what way of writing a research paper is a lot easier and more interesting for yourself?
According to the audio, why are research papers different from most other kinds of papers?
According to the audio, why do you need to double-check the sources you use with the professor / instructor?
Reading 1
According to the text, what does autonomy involve?
According to the text, what does Dwight Eisenhower’s quote prove?
According to the text, what goals motivate people more effectively than those which are easily met?
According to the text, what is the Pomodoro Technique?
According to the text, when is it recommended to locate sources that are cited in the paper while you are still reading it?
Reading 2
According to the text, which statement about possible mistakes is right?
How do you know that all the data and references used within your paper are appropriate and cited within the required guidelines?
Which idea about writing a thesis statement is true?
Why do some students rush their selection of a subject for a paper?
Why should all supporting statements in a paper be backed up by relevant sources?
Reading 3
How is an abstract described if it does not exceed the word limit and contains only relevant and needed facts?
What information do all abstracts, whether in the sciences or the humanities, not convey?
What is true about abstracts?
Why does the author suggest limiting the amount of technical language you use and explaining it where possible?
Why is it recommended to add a non-technical synonym, if a technical term is unavoidable?

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