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Тема контрольной работы: Контрольная работа по английскому языку 1 вариант РАНХиГС

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Учебное заведение: Другие города > ДРУГОЕ
Тип работы: Контрольные работы
Категория: Английский язык
Год сдачи: 2020
Количество страниц: 10
Оценка: 5
Рейтинг работы:
Иллюстрация №1: Контрольная работа по английскому языку 1 вариант РАНХиГС (Контрольные работы - Английский язык).

Вариант 1

1. Choose the correct word from a, b or c (20 баллов)

1 Brian _____ me since March.

a. has not phoned b. have not phoned c. have phoned

2 Employees _________ bad language at work.

a. mustn’t use b. must use c. must to use

3 What _______ in your job exactly?

a. have you to do b. do you have to do c. do you have do

4 _________ the boss about our mistakes?

a. we must tell b. do we must tell c. Must we tell

5 I ______ work very long hours.

a. not have to b. doesn’t have to c. don’t have to

6 Moscow is _____ than Novosibirsk.

a. bigger b. big c. the biggest

7 _____ CV with a cover letter?

a. I should send b. Should I send c. Do I should send

8 Cambridge is one of _____ cities in Europe.

a. old b. older than c. the oldest

9 You _______ the advice of your parents and friends.

a. should not ignore b. should ignore c. should to ignore

10 Madrid is _______ Rome.

a. expensive than b. more expensive than c. most expensive than

2. Put down the missing words (20 баллов)

1 I don\'t want a full-time job. I prefer to work ______ .

2 Diana wants to go on another training _______ .

3 At the middle of his career Tom _____ a café.

4. My grandma _____ at the age of 55.

5 A company may ask candidates to complete an  ______ form.

6 I can’t find your phone number. – You ______ put it down in your notebook.

7 Do you vote in the________ every six years?

8 Prime Minister runs the economic and foreign _____ in the country.

9 _____ is a card with your name, date of birth and photo to show who you are.

10 When you pass your exams you’ll get an_______ .

3. Answer the questions. (10 баллов)

1 Have you ever filled in any forms? What are they?

2 Is it easy for young people to find jobs nowadays?

3 Do you use an online job-search site to look for a job?

4 Have you ever written a CV or a cover letter? 

5 What is the purpose of a job interview?

4. Put the verb into the right form. (30 баллов)

1 We sometimes ____ (have to) work at night last month.

2 When you are applying for a job you _____ (should/look through) a lot of advertisements.

3 What _____ last evening? (you/do)

4 ______ (you/hear) about Bob? – No, I haven’t. Where is he?

5 _______ (you/have to) work at weekends?

6 While I _______ (travel) to work, I _____ (get) stuck in traffic jam.

7 I _____ (read) your e-mail when I ______ (arrive) in the evening.

8 You ______ (have to) call him tomorrow.

9 If you ____ (ask) them, they ______ (help) you.

10 I _____ (go) to Los-Angeles, if I _______ (get) a visa.

11 If I ___ (be) you I _____ (go to) the interview.

12 When I _____ (arrive) at work yesterday, my boss _____ (speak) to someone on the phone.

13 Steve ____ (work) for the same company for five years.

14 I ____ (take) the magazine back to the library when I ____ (read) it.

15 You look tired. _______ (you/work) hard?

5. Read the text about the people coming to retirement. Mark if the statements below are true or false  (20 баллов)

Retirement – surely it’s a golden age when you can escape the daily grind of work and spend your time doing gardening, taking holidays and chatting with friends? Not for everyone. Some people love their work so much that they stay on into their 70s, 80s and 90s.

The factory worker

Dorothy Beckett, 93, has been working in a cake factory in Yorkshire, UK for more than 56 years. She works a 40-hour week, putting cakes in boxes, together with people who are 70 years younger than her. In 1945, aged 36, Dorothy set up the factory with her husband, Fred. Now, the business has a £4m annual turnover. “I’ve never wanted to retire,” she says. “It would be the end of me”.

The car dealer

William Spencer wanted to be a lawyer. But when he discovered that he didn’t have the right qualifications, he studied accountancy at night school instead and got job in a car sales showroom. That was 72 years ago, and he is still there today! “I’m paid for my experience,” explains William, 91. “I help the young ones to sell. I advise the staff, introduce customers, arrange special deals, deal with problems, and make sure everyone is happy.”

The banker

“In the past year I’ve travelled to London, Paris and Milan for work,” says Gerald Lilley, sitting with a poetry book on his knee in his apartment in New York. “I’ve been to London three times, to Japan twice and to China, well, lots of times. When I’m not travelling, I like to be in the office every day at about 9.30. And I tend to leave at around 4.00 p.m. Mr Lilley is 94, and is senior advisor at one of the big investment banks. He finds the flights more tiring nowadays, especially after long days in meetings. “I suppose it’s my age,” he says, “but I have my evening to relax, have a drink and read German, French and English poetry.”

1 All people stop working after 70.

2 Dorothy has been working with 70-year old men and women.

3 Dorothy wants to retire and do gardening.

4 He has been working for more than 70 years.

5 William is a car dealer in a car sales showroom.

6 William likes helping young colleagues.

7 William had studied Law and Accountancy before he got this job..

8 Gerald is still travelling a lot.

9 Gerald retired last year.

10 Gerald likes reading poetry.

Оценка за контрольную работу 5.

5. What is the purpose of a job interview? (Какова цель собеседования при приеме на работу?)
The purpose of the interview is that the employer should communicate with the person, ask any questions to understand what the candidate knows and understands about the upcoming job. because he may like obrazovanie and summary, but it may be difficult to understand the future of work. (Цель собеседования такая, как работодатель должен пообщаться с человеком, задать какие-либо вопросы, чтобы понять что кандидат знает и понимает о предстоящей работе. потому что у него может хорошее образование и резюме, но он может плохо понимать всю суть бедующей работы.)
Задание №4
Поставьте глагол в правильную форму.
1. We sometimes had to work at night last month. (В прошлом месяце нам иногда приходилось работать по ночам.)
2. When you are applying for a job you should look through a lot of advertisements. (Когда вы подаете заявление на работу, вы должны просмотреть много рекламных объявлений.)
3. What did you last evening? (Что вы делали вчера вечером?)