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Тема дипломной работы: A comparative analysis of emphasis in English and Russian publicistic texts

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Учебное заведение: Другие города > ДРУГОЕ
Тип работы: Дипломные работы
Категория: Английский язык
Год сдачи: 2014
Количество страниц: 67
Оценка: 96
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работа уникальна,цена низкая только по одной причине:срочности продажи.

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Topicality. The publicist style is widely used in public speeches and printed public works addressed to a broad audience and devoted to political and economical, social and cultural events. The main aim of the publicist style is to incessantly influence  readers’ and listeners’ mind, convince them that the opinion expressed by the author is correct and true and make them accept writer’s or speaker’s point of view both through logical reasoning and emotional appeal. According to Galperin, the publicist style is subdivided into oratory and speeches, the essay and articles. However, some linguists distinguish the newspaper style as well. For instance, Kukharenko considers that the newspaper style consists of informative materials, specific only for newspapers and not found in other works. Galperin and Kukharenko separate characteristics of publicist and newspaper styles, whereas I.V. Arnold recognizes only newspaper style and M.D.Kuznets and A.N.Morokhovsky admit only publicist style in their classifications.

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